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O.k so i'm going to start with a bit of a Lorraine Peters history lesson. My adult life has been spent teaching and advocating for health, fitness & the personal pursuit of a physique that makes me happy, which I have quite enjoyed mine at any age.

Once a personal trainer, body builder and crazed fitness enthusiast I have found that as I approach my 56th Birthday in July, or "fitty six" as i'm calling it, I am reflecting on how much different my fitness regimen looks from a decade or two ago. But! my body, if I do say so myself, still looks great to me and I want to help you feel the same way about yours.

What am I doing? or maybe it's what i'm not doing. Let's start with what I am no longer doing now that i'm almost 56. I do not lift ANY weights with my legs unless it is a simple leg extension while i'm seated and with ankle weights only. Squats, lunges, presses and standing weight bearing is out of the question because my hips are cranky. I'm quite honestly going to admit that it's probably due to all the years of heavy lifting that I did and pounding out the repetitions day in and day out. Boy, if I could do it over...........but I can't, so how do I do it these days?

I walk every day rain, shine, snow, hail I don't care. I suit up and I go. I remain present and tapped in to my walk. I focus on a good stride, I have an apple watch that monitors my heart rate and how much time i'm spending in my training zone for heart health. When i'm doing hills I really pull back through my heels squeezing the hamstrings and the old bum with intention.

If you are now of a certain age and you're telling yourself it's too late to achieve great fitness or a firm low body i'm here to tell you it's not too late. So, if you hear yourself giving in to all the excuses you tell yourself STOP. They are all excuses because almost everyone can walk. I don't care if you walk slow, just walk. Start off with a modest distance and build on. Monitor your progress so you know what success looks like.

An added bonus and quite frankly a strong motivator for me is that for every 1 pound you lose you remove 6 pounds of pressure from your hips so my personal goal as of late has been to achieve a low healthy weight for myself so my hips have less of a load to deal with. My thinking may be flawed, but I believe it puts some distance between my hips and a surgeon :)

Now it's up to you and it's as simple as defining your "why" and then get out there and get fitter by the hour - I hope to see you walking confidently into the future (TM).

Lorraine Peters.

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