Models are superficial and dumb - NOT!

Recently when I was spending time with a teacher friend of mine I realized the we make sweeping general assumptions about people and professions when we really don't know what the hell we are talking about, really! As a teacher during a pandemic she gave me a detailed understanding of the day in the life of a grade 1 teacher - phew, i'm a different person now let me tell ya. Hats off to all the educators out there.

Well, Modelling is kind of the same thing. We see the end product, the vision that someone curated using models, and if Joe public looks at it and thinks it was easy and effortless then everyone did their job. That's the whole idea is to look effortless and as if they fell out of bed looking or walking like that. But the reality of what is involved to be a working model is vastly different than that. I'm hoping I can both entertain and educate on the "professional" part of being a "professional Model".

When people come to L Models and Personal Development they want to model. Some have dreams of going to the big fashion centers such as Milan, Asia,Toronto while other's want to model locally, gain confidence and have fun, both are good and we help people achieve both.

The training, though, is the same for both and people are generally surprised how professional my student models are and how they learn skills that are transferrable to other aspects of their life. This is the magic of modelling. If you Model in Paris or you model in Saint John, N.B you need the same skill set or your tenure will be short. It's a tough gig lol.

My student models start at age 10 and go up to 55 + years old. There is literally no age or size restrictions in modelling, especially in recent years. Look at the fabulous Maye Musk, Elon's Mom. She's 70 and is a relatively new cover girl and travels the globe Modelling.

When we start the year we begin public speaking straight away. Models begin gently with introducing them selves and work up to impromptu speaking of 1 minute by the end of the season in May. They learn to make eye contact with their audience, to plant their feet and ground themselves, they learn to stop using filler words such as ahhmm, ahhh, "like" which are very distracting and lack professionalism. They are taught to speak slowly and articulate their words, especially their name, so that people remember who they are.

We had a Model this past year come from Spain and her English was o.k but it was still a struggle for her. She was paralyzed by the speaking component of the class, but she would perservere and do it anyway. One evening she got up, said her piece, sat down and burst into tears. We all consoled her and eventually she started to giggle and so did the rest of us. This is very important to understand that in Modelling, like other professions, you must step through all of the fear based barriers that you have, those fears that hold you back. IF you step through the fear as that model did you come out the other side so strong and confident. I'm vrey proud of her and we miss her already :)

Student models also learn personal accountability and professionalism, but we do more than talk about it because right away they learn about it in a practical way when they start to meet designers, photographers and the like. Now, when I say that the fashion people are "funny" I don't mean haha funny, I mean ego funny. They consider their work very very important and you better not flip them off or not take it seriously by dis regarding their vision. My models learn that they are representing L Models when they go out for shows or shoots and that they need to tow the line. They learn that they must arrive on time and unless they are dead there are not any valid excuses. They know they must show up for class or a gig with everything they need such as their heels for walking training. I don't want to hear that their Mom forgot to bring them. It will only happen once :) there is nothing like watching someone else take your opportunity because they had their shoes and you didn't. It's called being prepared. Even now if i'm going to a fashion show or accompanying my models to something I will pack my shoes, why? because sometimes something happens and they need or want me in the show. It's happened, be prepared. There are not enough modelling opportunities for you to screw up even one. Be prepared all the time.

Another aspect of professionalism is respecting the designer or hair stylist or boutique owner's creative vision. If they have hired a model for something then it's important for the model to understand that it is not about the model. When the designer has paid make up artists to do the make up and then the model takes the make up off and does it her way I can promise you I can never convince that designer to use that model ever again, why? because there is another model or a thousand who can do just as good and will be professional. That's what I meant when I said fashion people can be a funny bunch.

Now, I know i'm dealing with mostly young people but i'll tell you that one of the hard learned lessons is always about the damage that good ole gossip will do. I teach my models that when they are in the make up chair or hair stylists chair to NOT ever talk bad about anyone in the biz. Do not diss another model because they may be the sister of the make up artist or stylist. Never talk bad about the designer's or anyone. People in the biz will remember that and they will peg you as a "diva" or difficult. Make up artists and hair stylists work closely with their local designers or boutiques so they tell them everything. If a designer wants to know about the work ethic of a certain model who do you think they will ask? they will ask the people they work with. That is a lesson I hope everyone gets early on. Do your job and keep your opinions to yourself unless it's something that effects you, and in that case call me and I will handle it.

This past season we were dealing with Covid - 19 global pandemic. This was a hard year on everyone but in my opinion it hit youth the hardest. Personally it was the most fulfilling year I have had as founder of L Models. Showing up to class and seeing the students so happy to be there was heartwarming. It was as if they needed it. Modelling was the escape for one hour a week. It was a chance to imagine, pretend, walk, talk, laugh and forget for just one hour all the madness going on. I'm so proud of the meaningful work L Models does and I see the impact first hand. To enbolden young people with real confidence is a game changer. I say real confidence because some people are good at faking it but are crumbling on the inside. I'm talking about confidence that comes from having made mistakes, taken constructive feedback and used it to improve, falling down,sometimes literally, and getting back up again. You can only pursue life's dreams if you have the confidence to step through the fear.

My hope for all of you reading this blog is that you will step through the fear that holds you back, that you will always do your best and finally, never ever give up. It is always the right time to pursue your dreams.

Take that first step and Walk Confidently Into the Future TM with L Models.

Classes resume September 2021. Email for information package

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