Personal style, your superpower.

Since i've been a little girl I have always associated feelings of confidence with the clothes I choose to wear. Not much has changed since I was that little girl, I still quite literally live for fashion. I love to curate looks for myself but I also love helping other's identify and rock their individual style. Some people say clothes are just clothes, articles to cover up our naked bodies, but I say they are much more than that. Have you ever seen a makeover episode of Oprah back in the day? she takes someone who is dreadfully out of fashion, old hair style, lacking confidence, doesn't wear make up or do anything to enhance their presentation. After the style and make up guru's have their way with them they are a totally different person. They strut onto stage with seemingly all the confidence in the world, complete with twirling around to show the new and improved version of themselves.

It isn't about the clothes but rather what the clothes, hair and make up represent. They are a reflection of the person and their personality. It's hard to move in the world with confidence if you don't feel like you are at your best,whatever that looks like to you. We all know what both ends of that spectrum feel like. You know when you put on that outfit and it makes you smile and say whoa, look at me! and the opposite is when we have our jammie pants or sweats and our hair is in a messy bun and no makeup. That's not a feeling of confidence and being your best is it?

So, do you know what your personal style is? Can you describe your personal style? when you know and understand your individual style it can be personally helpful to you, even aid in boosting your feelings of self confidence. To dress in a manner that puts the "best you" forward is almost always empowering to women and men alike, it just takes a bit of effort on your part but the pay off is worth it.

There is a style for everyone, yes everyone! even if you don't consider yourself stylish or you aren't particularly interested in fashion you still have a personal style. Let's uncover yours now.

Classic style - you like timeless pieces that never go out of style from a crew neck sweater, straight leg jean or an A line skirt. You don't necessarily shop trends or shop often but you purchase staple, timeless pieces that last a lifetime.

Sophisticated - you like a power suit, a great blazer and current jean, you've been known to rock a neck scarf. You enjoy a nice dress such as a Ted Baker or Calvin Klein. Your clothese are perfectly tailored and fitted very well.

Goth - if you came into yourself in the 90's you may have jumped onto the goth bandwagon and maybe you still love it. You can still pull in pieces of the goth style well into your adult life with key pieces such as combat books with embellishments, camo jacket done in a grown up fashion or a head to toe black mono chromatic look. Different textures of black are key to doing a up scale goth style.

Casual or Athleisure - Casual is meant for weekends not the professional work place so please know the place for true casual. Now, a new trend is what we refer to as athliesure. This look is polished casual. It's a great pair of cargo pants in a soft fabric, a complimentary sweater or graphic T, a great pair of kicks and a cardigan or bomber jacket to finish it off.

Ecclectic - this is my style :) I like all styles! some days i prefer to be super glam and other days i'm classic. This can be expensive as it crosses many styles so my best advise is to focus on adding key pieces to your wardrobe. Here is a short list of staples - leather bomber jacket, faux leather leggings, denim jacket, blazer in neutral, combat boots, great dark wash jean no holes or rips,black dress, white blouse, cashmere sweater, cool sneakers. This will get you started.

BOHO - this is a hippie or bohemian style - characterized by loose, flowly and carefree style. You enjoy flouncy hats, genie pants, long skirts, flowy dresses and flowery motifs.

sexy or provocative - You like to dress sexy all the time. This is o.k when done with taste and with a firm understanding of appropriatness for where you are at. If you are working in an office it will not be appropriate to have a low cut blouse than reveals cleavage but you could express your provocative style in a professional pencil skirt and blouse, fitted but not tight.

Feminine - this style loves romantic and conservative dresses in soft, flowy fabrics. You like girly ruffles and lace. You never like dressing in styles that are considered "boyish". You would never wear a flannel shirt or styles that are more masculine.

Androgenous - you toggle the line between feminine and masculine. Your clothing choices could be worn by male or females. Think of singer Billy Eilish.

Well, this is but a few descriptions of personal style and I hope you see yourself in one of them. If you know what your personal style is then give it a go, put your best foot forward and see how it makes you feel mentally and how it effects your sense of confidence. If you don't know what your style is yet this is the beginning of discovering it. Your style can be your superpower, helping you feel strong and confident and ready to tackle day to day situations. Remember, when you look good you feel good. It's worth the effort.

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