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Personal style, your superpower.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Since i've been a little girl I have always associated feelings of confidence with the clothes I choose to wear. Not much has changed since I was that little girl, I still quite literally live for fashion. I love to curate looks for myself but I also love helping other's identify and rock their individual style. Some people say clothes are just clothes, articles to cover up our naked bodies, but I say they are much more than that. Have you ever seen a makeover episode of Oprah back in the day? she takes someone who is dreadfully out of fashion, old hair style, lacking confidence, doesn't wear make up or do anything to enhance their presentation. After the style and make up guru's have their way with them they are a totally different person. They strut onto stage with seemingly all the confidence in the world, complete with twirling around to show the new and improved version of themselves.

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